"Dr. Wanid"

Dr. Chingchai Wanidworanun
Courthouse Travel Clinic, PLLC

The travel clinic is closed until further notice.
Pre- and post-travel medical care serving the Washington DC metropolitan area from an office at the Ballston Metro in Arlington Virginia and Silver Spring / Rockville MD.


Our goal is to provide careful, attentive, modern medical services in a calm and dignified setting.

We provide the full range of travel medicine services.

During most visits, you can expect to be seen by Dr. Wanidworanun (known as Dr. Wanid), a medical doctor with experience in treating patients with tropical diseases. Call for an appointment or book online.

Click here for hours, holidays, and scheduling appointments online. Traveling abroad--especially to countries with tropical climates or poor sanitation--can lead to diseases unfamiliar to people in our area. We provide comprehensive travel medicine services including pre-trip counselling, vaccination and prophylaxis (e.g. malaria), and post travel medical care.


Dr. Chingchai Wanidworanun (known as Dr. Wanid) is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. Click here to see more about his credentials.

ATTENTION: pre-ordering of vaccines

Vaccines that we do not stock, because they are uncommon and expensive, must be pre-ordered by you. These are vaccines for rabies and Japanese encephalitis. You must pay for the order in advance and the payment is non-refundable. When the vaccine has arrived, we will inform you to come in for the injection, or you can take it to other doctor for the injection.

Major services

Travel vaccines (Typhoid, polio, Japanese encephalitis, hepatitis A & B)

Malaria prophylaxis

Traveler's diarrhea

Mountain Sickness

Post-trip medical evaluation & treatment

Patients with non-travel-related medical issues, click here.


Yellow Fever Vaccine is NOT available at our clinic for an extended time. The only manufacturer of the yellow fever vaccine has announced a total depletion of YF-Vax as they transition to a new production facility. We can provide you with all other vaccines and travel medicine prescriptions. If you need yellow fever vaccination, please check the CDC website for list of the available clinics.

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