"Dr. Wanid"

Dr. Chingchai Wanidworanun
Courthouse Travel Clinic, PLLC

Pre- and post-travel medical care serving the Washington DC metropolitan area from an office at the Ballston Metro in Arlington, VA and Silver Spring, MD.

IN AN EMERGENCY: DIAL 911 or proceed directly to the nearest emergency room.

Once you are in the emergency room you may try to contact Dr. Wanidworanun by telephone yourself or ask emergency room staff to contact him for you.

After normal business hours

If you have urgent questions of a non-emergency nature (such as side effects of a prescription medication) call the office telephone number and follow the recorded instructions to contact Dr. Wanidworanun or the covering physician.

While abroad:

Patients should contact their current insurance provider about coverage and treatment options during travel. A separate travel insurance policy may be advisable.

Contact Information