"Dr. Wanid"

Dr. Chingchai Wanidworanun
Courthouse Travel Clinic, PLLC

Pre- and post-travel medical care serving the Washington DC metropolitan area from an office at the Ballston Metro in Arlington, VA and Silver Spring, MD.

What is "Travel Medicine"?

Traveling abroad--especially to countries with tropical climates or poor sanitation--can lead to diseases unfamiliar to people in our area. We provide comprehensive travel medicine services including pre-trip counselling, vaccination and prophylaxis (e.g. malaria), and post travel medical care.

Counseling and treatment will be based on the destination and duration of travel, activities planned and tailored to your specific medical needs. Some vaccinations require multiple shots, so it is best to contact us at least eight weeks prior to departure.

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Before you leave

Routine vaccination (every 10 years) should be maintained against tetanus & diphtheria, regardless of your travel plans. A booster shot for routine vaccination such as measles, German measles, mumps and polio may also be appropriate.

Required vaccinations: Yellow fever vaccination is a requirement for an entry visa for certain countries of Africa and South America. We are authorized by the State of Virginia to provide yellow fever vaccination. We will provide you with the yellow fever vaccine certification.

Country Specific:
Depending on circumstances, we may recommend vaccination against:
Hepatitis (A or B)
Japanese encephalitis
Meningococcal meningitis

You can get more information about country-specific recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

While you are there

You can take steps that lower the risk of getting sick while you are away. We can provide counseling on risk avoidance. Depending on your travel plans, this might include discussion of what, how and where to eat, drink, swim or sleep.

Personal hygiene is important to avoid dysentery and other food and water-borne infections (E. coli, Shigella, Hepatitis, Giardia, or Amoebas).

Mosquitos or other insects spread many diseases (dengue, Japanese encephalitis, malaria, Chagas, and elephanthiasis) and can be avoided with proper precautions.

An expert in malaria, Dr. Wanidworanun can discuss proper prophylaxis during and after travel to affected areas.

Person-to-person spread of old diseases (tuberculosis) or new ones (SARS) may requre special attention depending on when or where you travel.

Sexually transmitted diseases like HIV or gonorrhea may be widespread or difficult to treat when acquired in some overseas locations.

Information about specific diseases can be found at the CDC website.

After your return

A consultation or examination may be a good idea when you come back, especially if you are not feeling well or got sick while away.

Medicines and medical care received abroad may not be up to US standards and should be reviewed upon your return.

An upset stomach acquired abroad (traveler's diarrhea) sometimes keeps returning when caused by difficult to treat organisms like amoebas or Giardia.

Unusual diseases such as encephalitis, malaria and dengue require specialized care--frequently in a hospital--and need to be recognized and diagnosed quickly. Trained in Thailand, Dr. Wanidworanun has direct clinical experience with many of these illnesses.